September 28, 2023

How the Digital Prosperity Awards furthers the aims of the Digital Cooperation Organization

A deeper dive into the aims of the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO). Explore with us the organization’s aspirations and how these Awards kickstart their mission to make digital really work for the betterment of humanity!

With our follow up to our first blog post, where we delved into what sets The Digital Prosperity Awards apart from all the other digital awards, this time we highlight how awards reflect the goals and dreams of their creators. What drives this new international body behind the Awards? Get ready, because we’re about to explore far more about the Digital Cooperation Organization.


Meeting Digital Inequality

First off, let’s kick-off this adventure by acknowledging that the Digital Cooperation Organization is a young organization, founded in late 2020, yet it proudly holds the title of being the world’s very first independent international organization solely dedicated to the digital economy. But why, you might ask? Well, they see the historical inequalities in the distribution of digital innovation’s benefits and understand that without strategic intervention, the digital gap could grow even wider. What is the Digital Cooperation Organization’s ultimate goal? A world where every nation, business, and person gets a fair shot at prospering in the digital economy. That truly is the prize in question.

This mandate is all about turbocharging digital prosperity for everyone through collective action. Countries are coming together under the Digital Cooperation Organization’s banner to ensure that the rewards of innovation are shared far and wide. This is where The Digital Prosperity Award for Cooperation comes into play. Cooperation can take many forms—between public and private sectors, industry peers, unions, governments, academia, and civil society. What is the common thread? Cooperation spreads knowledge and shares the wealth, supercharging innovation’s ability to transform lives on a massive scale!

Despite being a startup itself, the Digital Cooperation Organization is no slouch when it comes to initiatives that foster cooperation. They’re building stronger bonds among member states in the realm of digital advancement, collaborating with heavyweights like the UN, and forming official partnerships with international tech giants and community organizations. The Awards, as one of the Digital Cooperation Organization’s flagship endeavours, are expanding the network of partnerships with organizations of all sizes within the Digital Cooperation Organization’s member states, giving innovators a global stage to shine. And guess what? These Awards are set to create a thriving community of innovators, paving the way for even more groundbreaking discoveries and prosperity.

Cooperation helps level-up the benefits of the digitally disadvantaged.

A Centre of Excellence, Influence & Empowerment


Let’s get into the award categories themselves and talk about the “Decision Making” category. After all, what good is data if it doesn’t lead to better outcomes? The Digital Cooperation Organization is evolving into a data-driven think-tank and a hub for insights, boasting a Center of Excellence for cross-border data flows. Through research, knowledge sharing, policy advocacy, training, and consultations, this Center is championing evidence-based decision-making and regulation to turbocharge the growth of the digital economy across Digital Cooperation Organization member countries.

As the Digital Cooperation Organization’s influence grows, so does its role as a global advisory body. And as the Awards gain prominence year after year, they’re becoming a beacon of best practices in the realm of digital and data, fostering the creation of smarter policies and delivering more targeted and efficient services.

Now, here’s the category causing the most excitement, Digital Innovation! This is all about celebrating the prosperity unleashed by disruptive technologies and It’s no surprise that this category has attracted the most entries so far. Innovative tech can instantly revolutionize processes and outcomes, leaving an indelible mark. The Digital Cooperation Organization is actively championing the use of cutting-edge technologies to find ingenious solutions, and there’s no limit to where technology can elevate productivity and performance. In a world that’s increasingly digital and interconnected, proficiency in modern tech is essential for all.

Enter the Observatory for Digital Empowerment, a key Digital Cooperation Organization initiative. Recognizing that current cultural, societal, economic, and regulatory factors hinder the empowerment of certain groups in the digital economy and widen the digital divide, this Observatory is on a mission. It’s promoting programs to boost digital access and inclusion, especially among women, youth, and entrepreneurs. It’s monitoring the empowerment status of these vital groups, planning actions to bridge gaps, and advocating through member country representatives to forge a consensus on the necessary steps. Similarly, the third pillar of the Awards directly addresses society’s empowerment, featuring categories for Ethics and the Environment.

Recognizing and supporting groups and initiatives that otherwise may be marginalized in the digital innovation race.

A Shared Vision, and Common Goals


But the Awards are more than just the sum of their categories, they are a mirror image of the DCO in their passion for driving meaningful change, their universal and inclusive nature, and their commitment to transparency and integrity. Just like the Digital Cooperation Organization, the Awards are rigorous in their processes and fairness, ensuring that you can trust in their outcomes and your chances of being recognized for your outstanding projects.

As the Digital Cooperation Organization is a collective shared voice, representing its Member States, we asked 2 of the ministers to share their thoughts on how the aims of the Digital Cooperation Organization and the Awards meets their objectives too.

“In Morocco, we view digital technology as an accelerator of socio-economic development. The Digital Prosperity Awards offer an excellent platform to showcase pioneering innovations and enable startups to connect with clients and investors on a global scale.”

Ghita Mezzour
Minister of the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform, Morocco

“We’re greatly encouraged by Rwanda’s active participation in the Digital Prosperity Awards. Thanks to our partners like the Digital Cooperation Organization, we’re part of this global initiative promoting digital prosperity. These Awards are a fantastic chance for us to showcase our innovations and for our startups to connect with potential clients and investors worldwide.”

Paula Ingabire
Rwanda Minister of ICT and Innovation

So, there you have it! These inaugural Awards, much like the innovative Digital Cooperation Organization, are young and full of ambition, determined to shake things up and celebrate the unsung heroes making strides in the world of digital prosperity. They’re here to make a real difference, promoting greater prosperity for all, in sync with the Digital Cooperation Organization’s aspirations. Get ready for an electrifying journey into the world of digital cooperation and innovation, where possibilities are endless, and prosperity knows no bounds!

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